Getting Started

This is not my first blog. This is actually my 3rd. This is also my 3rd blog post – which is kind of funny – if you think about it. After I wrote my first post, they went no further. I wanted to keep up with them, but truly life got in the way. What is different now? Well, I’m paying for this one; that may be a reason to keep up with it. I also have been posting videos regularly and so I have been crafting regularly. So I should have something to blog about. I don’t really want to blog about me personally, my pain disorder makes me a pretty pessimistic person – and who wants to read that I have pain all day, every day?

So now that I have started crafting just about every day, I have something to write about. I also have pictures to show and this can be a way for me to give more information than I give on my videos. So I hope this is the start of something new, and not a dead end like before (there’s the pessimism).

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