Love of Leaves – Card B

I had no idea when I made the two cards from the Love of Leaves bundle that I would need to videos, and two blog posts. I hate having to read long winded posts, and I wouldn’t make you read them either. I also like short videos so I can watch all of them and not skip around. That is why I chopped these two cards into separate posts. Below are the measurements and links to the items I used. I hope you are able to make a few cards. This is a perfect sympathy card. Not too bling-y, but not too boring. This die set lends pefectly for negative die cutting as the leaves have pretty stitching details on the outer edge. The leaves also have detailed stitching for the veining of the leaves. They are absolutely stunning in real life.

Very Vanilla cardstock card base: 10×7 scored and folded at 5″

Very Vanilla front panel: 5×7

Gilded Autumn DSP: 3/4×7

Mint Macaroon cardstock cut at 2 1/2×7

The sentiment: “hope changes everything” inked in Early Espresso

Early Espresso ribbon for the bow

Pumpkin Pie, Cajun Craze, Cinnamon Cider, BumbleBee, Cherry Cobble to ink blend behind the negative die cuts of the leaves. This panel should be cut not smaller than 7×3 1/2 or 7×5 if you have the paper.

Fun Foam with double sided adhesive or Stampin’ Up!’s Foam Adhesive Sheets cut at 5×7

. . . . . . .

I’m not sure if I want to talk about me personally? But who knows, maybe no one will read this blog and it will become a journal, or maybe a lot of people will read it and it will help them know they are not alone. I’d love to hear from you whether you like to hear personal things or not in a blog.

I guess I’ll just start, and see where it leaves me then. I have CRPS in my pelvic floor, I was diagnosed with it in 2014. CRPS is usually located in appendages, arms and legs, hardly ever in the truck. Since I have it in pelvic floor I’m one in like 10 people who have it there. Lucky me – I’m special like that.

I am waiting for my doctor’s office in Phoenix to schedule me for a procedure that really helps me with my pain. I spoke to my doctor on September 14, and he said he’d have his schedule up and running to start procedures/surgeries beginning in October. He had taken some time off – for about 3 months – and the reason seems to be the Covid 19. This really sucks for me, for a lack of a better word. I have procedures every 6 weeks with him and I have not had a procedure since late June. No one in Michigan does exactly what he does. He is the best in the country and people from all over the country come to see him.

I have been leaving messages for his surgery scheduler and I cannot get her to call me back. I’ve tried leaving pleasant messages, irritated messages, business-like messages, and still no one calls me back. They have a centralized appointment scheduler so it is not like I can get in touch with that office very easily! I’m not sure what else to do. The hospital that he works for supplies his office workers so he does not have to “worry” about that and can concentrate on fixing women. Its not like I want to go anywhere else either, he is the best!

I moved to Michigan to be closer to my husband’s family. They help out a lot since we need help with my disability. But the fact that there are no doctors to help me here has put a cloud over my time here. We were unable to fly me back to visit my specialist for about a year after the first year we were here. Then, my husband’s business started picking up and I was able to get to Phoenix to get some relief in October of last year then about every 6 weeks after that until Covid hit. Since March I’ve only been twice to see him. My pain is almost out of control, and I’m looking forward to getting some relief. It’s funny, after the procedure stops working, which happens anywhere from 2 weeks after the procedure to 6 weeks after, my pain seems so bad, I can’t believe I was able to function with it before my surgery. In a perfect world, I’d have the procedure every 4-5 weeks. They put my in “twilight” to administer the many nerve blocks, and the pain gets worst for about 24 hours and then my pain goes from a 8-10 to a 5-6. PEACE – REST, my body is so happy for the Relief it makes me feel 25 again.

The best relief and longest lasting is Botox injections into my pelvic floor in addition to nerve blocks, but the FDA has not approved that procedure and my insurance for the last 5 years has not paid for that. But Botox injections last for 6 full months. I hope soon we can pay for that procedure out of pocket. I think with the airfare and everything it would cost me about 35% more, but the pain relief is awesome.

Wow – I feel better to be able to vent. I guess that is the point of some blogs. Thanks!

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