Wateroloring with Stampin’ Up! reinkers

One of my very favorite things to do is watercoloring with reinkers. I’m not very good at watercoloring, but anyone can make a rainbow! The reinkers allow the watercolors to be very vibrant or you can add more water to make the rainbow pastel. Reinkers are very inexpensive at only $3.75 per reinker and they last almost forever.

I love the look of the drips on this panel and the butterflies that look as though they have taken on the color they are sitting on and are about to fly away at any moment.

This card is a slimline and one of my first attempts at a slimline card. I know they are getting very popular but without tools to help you create slim line cards I’m not sure how long they will be popular.

The pink X-acto mat that I used in my video to tape down my watercolor paper to, belonged to my very good friend Anna. We lost Anna several months ago. I was very lucky to be given an item from her craft room to help me remember her by. She used this mat to craft on everyday. I was about to put it in a drawer where I could “keep it safe” to remember my friend by. But instead I brought it out and used it. It made it seem like I was crafting with Anna again. I miss her dearly.

Do you have something that reminds you of a loved one that is no longer with us? What do you do with the “token?”

Crafting with Anna and my very good friend Rita when I lived in Phoenix are some of my happiest memories after I was diagnosed with CRPS. Crafting with friends is the best way to craft. I have a hard time crafting alone. I wanna chit-chat and ask “what do you think about this” and “ohh lets see what Pinterest shows for this stamp set.” Do you prefer to craft alone or with a group of girls. Covid has really put a damper on crafting with friends lately. I hope we can get back to normal soon. I hope all of you are well and staying busy during this time.

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