Organizing my Embellishments

Recently someone asked me how I store my embellishments, adhesive backed rhinestones/pearls and my ribbon.  So, I thought I would share it with all of you.  There are so many ways of storing and organizing your craft room, I think I will start a series on it.  Considering I am moving my craft room downstairs and so I’ll be updating my craftroom, this will be information I have already gathered. 

Stampin’ Up! Had an embellishment holder called the Stack N Store.  However, it was retired before I purchased it.  Since it no longer is available, I needed to come up with a new plan to store my embellishments.  My craft room is currently a mess and it not picture worthy, so I’ve added stock pictures.  Once my craft room is done, I’ll be updating these pictures. 

I love the circle containers Stampin’ Up!’s embellishments come in.  They are so cute and are a perfect size; but without a specifically made caddy, I take then out of the containers and use the Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage System.  It can be found on Amazon.  The prices fluctuate drastically, so watch out for a good price.  I ordered mine for under $18.00, but currently they are up to $22.00 – ouch.  I need another one, but will wait to see if I can get it for the price I paid for it before Covid hit. 

For my adhesive back rhinestones, pearls and dots, I use the Deflecto Caddy System.  Not only does this system allow me to have several different bins with lids mounted to my wall, and therefore in arms reach, it also allows me to take them down very easily, add them to my caddy and then take on the go.  This system is very under rated.  they have tons of different styles including those for makers and ribbon.  I love my Deflecto system.  I’ve given you the Amazon address, but you can e-mail me directly for other items.  I have an “in” with someone that might be able to get these to you at a good price and/or can get you the full line or products.   

For my ribbon storage, I was at the right place at the right time and was able to snag my ribbon container system directly from a scrapbooking store that was going out of business.  They displayed their ribbon by the yard in acrylic bins that hang on the wall.  As soon as I get them up in my craft room, I’ll give you some pictures.  However, I would suggest using gutters.  Yes, I said gutters.  They are rather inexpensive and can be decorated to be beautiful.  If you only have a few spools of ribbon, there are many other options out there on the market. 

For my washi tape, that I have way too much of since I don’t use it, I had a storage system I bought at Michaels.  I forcefully removed the drawers and added the cupped “shelves” to my desk drawers so I would also have them close at hand. This item is no longer available.

I like everything I use immediately around me.  That is why I am planning to have a U-shaped desk in my new craft room.  Currently I have several drawer units behind me and my back (chair) is about 4 feet from the wall.  I have a U-shaped set-up, but nothing pretty at the moment, because my space is so small. 

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