Going Down the Rabbit Hole of YouTube

I sat down to write this post at 6:30. I started out just checking a crafting video I wanted to see on YouTube, then starting clicking around and now its 8:50. Has this ever happen to you? I just lost all of the time I had to write this post to other videos. . . I will share with you my latest cards – in about 3 hours – who needs sleep anyways!

2 thoughts on “Going Down the Rabbit Hole of YouTube

  1. I found you on you tube and I’m so glad I did. I suffer frim pain as well so I know how difficult it can be to do everyday things. You have inspired me and I want to thank you for that. I love all your videos! After the 1sr one I just had to watch them all.


    1. Michele – I’m sorry to hear we share such a crappy thing in common. I have CRPS in my pelvic floor. Had mensural pain since the begining (age 12) then, in 2013 went in for a Pap Smear and my life has never been the same. How about you? What’s in your toolbox?


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