Its Time to Purge . . . . and My Wall Storage

I’m getting my craft room up and running. Well more like up and hop over everything to get to my supplies. Wow! this is harder than I expected. I thought I had lots of my crafty supplies organized, but with my new layout, I’m going to have to reorganize and most importantly – the dreaded PURGE. Why am I keeping stamp sets I bought but never used? I never use any of my retired cardstock or ink colors; so why have them. So, I’m doing it. I’m starting slow but I’m going to sell my retired items on EBay. Oh Boy! I bet that is going to be a journey itself.

With more room, my supplies should be better organized. I should know what I have and, most importantly, use it. Well hopefully.

Alright, lets talk about more happy things. Wall storage. I have always had my own area for crafting. I’ve insisted on it. Even if that meant the dining room table. Crafting is my therapy. Just because I have always had a space, doesn’t mean that I’ve always had the space I wanted, or for that matter needed. So I have always enjoyed wall storage.

Yes, I have tons of room now, but I still love my wall storage and I love everything in front of me, easily seen and in arms reach. Which is a biggie for me. I’m still testing things out and changing things up, but here are some of my wall storage pics. They are just about empty and what is in them probably will not stay that way for long, probably not even for the rest of today, but I know that I have lots of storage space to GROW and to move things around. I think I need to live in my space for a few days or weeks and see what I need and where I need it. I’ll show you my final – final storage solution when I’m done. That will probably be when I stop crafting. So I’ll show you my “next phase” organization soon.

The items you see on the wall are from Deflecto: the tilt out bins and the upper left hand bins that go into a to go tote. See Pictures below.

Ikea rails and containers: check out Ikea’s website for more information

An office paper storage wall unit and some furnishings I bought at scrapbook store that was going out of business. I was at the right time, and the right place, and since I was working, had money to spend.

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