A Comparison

Recently I saw that Simon Says Stamp had a background die that looked very similar to Stampin’ Up!’s Detailed Hearts background die. I also noticed that it was 1/2 the price! So, when I was able to, I put in an order to Simon Says Stamp (SSS), I purchased some copic friendly ink and the die set Stacked Hearts. I was surprised when the box was delivered that the die came in an envelope, a paper envelope. It did have a picture of what was inside, not to scale however, but still a paper envelope. Man are we spoiled.

The next thing I realized was that the die from SSS was much much smaller. Like 1/2 the size. I guess that explains the cost difference. So for me, that wouldn’t work since I already make larger cards. Then I saw that Stampin’ Up! had multiple sizes of hearts in the die and there were some that were left hole. SSS’s die had the same size heart repeated and not extra details.

The final nail in the coffin, as some might say, was the negative pieces. Stampin’ Up!’s Detailed Hearts Die had both negative and positive pieces that could be used as perfect hearts. SSS’s negative hearts were wonky. Not sweetheart hearts, just wonky hearts.

So, it seems like I’m a Stampin’ Up! snob. I guess I’ll stay that way for another 5 years. Maybe someone will be able to compete with them sooner, but I doubt it! šŸ˜‰ These are my opinions and just my opinions I love to hear yours.

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