Teaching vs Showing

I recently had a negative comment on my channel that made me think about how I edited and recorded my voice overs. The comment pretty much implied that she was new to making cards and was lost during my video. I’m of course paraphrasing her comment.

I usually come at my editing and recording my voice overs that the watchers know what I’m using and how to use the elements. In other words, that my watchers are expert level card makers. I really didn’t think I was doing that, but now that I have watched them after her comment, I can see where she is coming from a lot easier. I was showing my cards and not teaching how to make my cards to a beginner.

In my defense, I don’t think there is much to making a card. Yes there are lots of techniques that can be done, but making a card is something anyone can do. But even for the techniques in my videos, I was glossing over the steps to create them.

I was wondering why I had so many demonstrators as watchers, and now I know, its because I was not teaching my cards, I was showing my cards.

So how do I change my ways now? I’m not sure I can really. Those 300 subscribers are going to wonder what in the world is going on and if they are watching the same channel. But if I want to help others who are new and actually help others learn, well I’m going to have to start back at the basics . . . . Oh Boy!

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