Daffodil Daydreams

We have a new 3-D flower – Daffodils! I wanted to show you quickly how to make these pretty flowers and so I made a really simple card. But to show you how I made the flowers, I have put together some photos and instructions. There are several pictures that are printer friendly. I hope this helps.

I think we can all agree these are stems. So we will not discuss these stems as well as the dies that cut out the stamped images and butterflies.

Here is what everything looks like when cut out. I used Daffodil Delight for the “bits.” I cut of the “wholes” in Basic White and added some color with Daffodil Delight ink and a blending brush.

I broke down my flower dies into 2 categories “Wholes” and “bits.” Then labeled them so that I could figure out what goes with which. If you know what I mean.

These are the main flower, and they definitely look like a daffodil. I labeled these dies (A). We get two each of these dies – 2 bits and 2 wholes, but I am just showing you one set. These are easy to line up for sure!

I call this set of dies: (B), and are one of the petals. Again, there are two sets of these dies, but I’m just showing you one. I am pointing to (top arrow) the shorter side of the dies and the bottom arrow show you the curve that you can see on one of the petals to line them up correctly.

Next up is the funky set. I call them (C). The shorter prong of the dies match up. I think although this is a crazy looking set, they are actually easy to line up.

The last of the petals is what I labeled (D). There is a curve and a straight end that make this easy to line up as well.

Finally, there is a bud, I called this (E). It is in a C shape, but one side is a curve, and one is more straight.

Now that we have these die cut and our wholes and bits are glued together, [glue or liquid adhesive works well here so you have some wiggle room to maneuver the die cuts around to line them up straight] let’s make two flowers and a bud.

These dies make 2 different views of daffodils and a bud. So fun, Stampin’ Up! thinks of everything. A + B + B = Flower 1; A + C + D = Flower 2 – a more side looking view. E is all by itself.

I used liquid adhesive to put the petals together (B,C &D) but to attach the main bud (A), I used mini dimensionals. Next we can cut out the stems and leaves with Granny Apple Green, Old Olive or your favorite green and have Happy Daffodils. Happy Die Cutting.

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