When you are not a fan of the card you are making – Global Design Project Challenge #276

I decided this year that I was going to play along with the Global Design Project Challenges; to get inspiration and to have a deadline – which I have not had since I became disabled. Who would have guessed I missed deadlines and having things that must get done. I was surprised that the third week in, our challenge was to CASE the designer and the designer and I have very different styles. Not only did the designer’s card use florals, and I’m not a big fan of florals, not only did she do a bouquet, but I really did not like the colors she chose to put together either, or the background.

I guess my idea of CASEing cards differ from most. If I like I card, I CASE it, usually as is, with minimal changes, than give the designer credit. But the design team’s definition is Copy and Selective Edit. This means to some, choosing the layout, color selection or 1 of the elements and making an original design. Let me know what your definition of CASEing is? I chose to use more of my definition, but with a bit of their definition thrown in. Here is the card I chose to enter in this week’s challenge.

I almost decided to skip this week’s project. But instead I tried to challenge myself. I want to become a more creative person and I have had to make cards before that I did not love but someone asked me to make them. This is nothing against the designer. There are a hundred different styles out there. If all of us liked the same thing we’d be a bunch of boring people. And of course, if you liked her card, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with your style, its just different than mine.

First the background. The designer had the plaid builder die for her background in Balmy Blue with white accents. I don’t own that die – its not for me, and not only because I make A7 size cards. I really like Balmy Blue, but I don’t think I love it as the main color, maybe just pops here and there; because when I made my background of Balmy Blue stripes with White, oh boy, did I not like that. So I chose Costal Cabana. I love Costal Cabana and it goes with her accent colors very well – them being Highland Heather and Night of Navy.

Because I have limited flower stamp sets, I thought I’d try using hearts instead of flowers. But a heart bouquet is still a bouquet and that idea didn’t go far. I also looked at the pattern paper, and even tried to color them and put them in the bouquet. I’ll show you that disaster down below. I’m not a bouquet builder, under any circumstances.

Then I took out the Poppy Moments Die set, die cut and colored some velum, by dipping it into the ink pad, drying it for a bit than wiping it down and the left over ink stained the velum. It isn’t fabulous, but it work for me, I think. I completed the Poppies with corresponding cardstock, cut out some feathers from the set and used my white gel pen to add some details. Then finally I cut out some of the leaves with silver cardstock.

I played around with the layout forever, adding repositionable tape and dimensionals without that backing off to fiddle and fuss with the flowers to find an okay layout. Did I already say I was not a bouquet builder? Well I did it. It only took me twice as long as it would have, but its done and submitted ON TIME! Finally, I guess three times a charm. Have a great day and I hope you catch me on YouTube.

A Comparison

Recently I saw that Simon Says Stamp had a background die that looked very similar to Stampin’ Up!’s Detailed Hearts background die. I also noticed that it was 1/2 the price! So, when I was able to, I put in an order to Simon Says Stamp (SSS), I purchased some copic friendly ink and the die set Stacked Hearts. I was surprised when the box was delivered that the die came in an envelope, a paper envelope. It did have a picture of what was inside, not to scale however, but still a paper envelope. Man are we spoiled.

The next thing I realized was that the die from SSS was much much smaller. Like 1/2 the size. I guess that explains the cost difference. So for me, that wouldn’t work since I already make larger cards. Then I saw that Stampin’ Up! had multiple sizes of hearts in the die and there were some that were left hole. SSS’s die had the same size heart repeated and not extra details.

The final nail in the coffin, as some might say, was the negative pieces. Stampin’ Up!’s Detailed Hearts Die had both negative and positive pieces that could be used as perfect hearts. SSS’s negative hearts were wonky. Not sweetheart hearts, just wonky hearts.

So, it seems like I’m a Stampin’ Up! snob. I guess I’ll stay that way for another 5 years. Maybe someone will be able to compete with them sooner, but I doubt it! 😉 These are my opinions and just my opinions I love to hear yours.

Its Time to Purge . . . . and My Wall Storage

I’m getting my craft room up and running. Well more like up and hop over everything to get to my supplies. Wow! this is harder than I expected. I thought I had lots of my crafty supplies organized, but with my new layout, I’m going to have to reorganize and most importantly – the dreaded PURGE. Why am I keeping stamp sets I bought but never used? I never use any of my retired cardstock or ink colors; so why have them. So, I’m doing it. I’m starting slow but I’m going to sell my retired items on EBay. Oh Boy! I bet that is going to be a journey itself.

With more room, my supplies should be better organized. I should know what I have and, most importantly, use it. Well hopefully.

Alright, lets talk about more happy things. Wall storage. I have always had my own area for crafting. I’ve insisted on it. Even if that meant the dining room table. Crafting is my therapy. Just because I have always had a space, doesn’t mean that I’ve always had the space I wanted, or for that matter needed. So I have always enjoyed wall storage.

Yes, I have tons of room now, but I still love my wall storage and I love everything in front of me, easily seen and in arms reach. Which is a biggie for me. I’m still testing things out and changing things up, but here are some of my wall storage pics. They are just about empty and what is in them probably will not stay that way for long, probably not even for the rest of today, but I know that I have lots of storage space to GROW and to move things around. I think I need to live in my space for a few days or weeks and see what I need and where I need it. I’ll show you my final – final storage solution when I’m done. That will probably be when I stop crafting. So I’ll show you my “next phase” organization soon.

The items you see on the wall are from Deflecto: the tilt out bins and the upper left hand bins that go into a to go tote. See Pictures below.

Ikea rails and containers: check out Ikea’s website for more information

An office paper storage wall unit and some furnishings I bought at scrapbook store that was going out of business. I was at the right time, and the right place, and since I was working, had money to spend.

A Birthday Card using Stampin’ Up!’s Pretty Perennials for Global Design Project #274

I have wanted to get into making cards using the resources for Global Design Project for a number of years. Well, today is the day! Well almost. I need to decide which cards I want to actually submit. I made 4 cards. Well 1 disastrous card and then 3 more usable cards. I don’t love any of them. I love the colors, I love the foiling, I love that I get to give them their photoshoot in my new craft room, but I don’t love them. They are usable, they are full of sparkle. Sometimes, you just make a card that is just okay and that has to be okay in life too. I had fun making them and getting out all of the stuff to make them, playing with foil on my new Glimmer Machine for the 1st time – well first successful time- was fun too. And really, that is all that matters.

I always make A7 cards. I like that they are large and comparable to store bought cards. So as per usual, this is an A7 card. I am using some cold press Canson XL Watercolor Paper. This is not my go-to paper for watercoloring, but this is my cheaper alternative to my go-to. For a simple ombre effect it does the job just fine. I cute the watercolor paper to 5×7″ and used blue painters tape to tape off about 1/4″ all the way around.

Next, I used the ink from my Magenta Madness Ink Pad from Stampin’ Up! as my watercolor ink. If you are unfamiliar with how to successfully create a watercolor background, you may want to watch my video, linked below. Next I used a piece of 1/2″ x 5″ Costal Cabana or Basic Black, depending on which card you like best. I heat embossed the sentiment “birthday” from the Happy Perennials sets on the right side of the strip. I stamped the word “happy,” also from the set onto a piece of white cardstock and fussy cut it out. Boy do I wish that Stampin’ Up! had thought about putting in a die for the happy sentiment!

I foiled some black cardstock using the Spellbinders Glimmer Foil machine and the 2 plates named Scattered Hearts Background and Twinkle Lights Background using some rainbow foil. I had so much fun and after I did it once right, it was very easy to do and so addictive. I found that using the electric eraser worked perfectly for any over-foiling.

I cut the black foiled cardstock into banners and proceeded to create some birthday cards. I used 3 rhinestones to create sparkle on the background.

For the grey and pink card, I used Melon Mombo ink, and Well Suited DSP and Basic Grey cardstock.

Which one is your favorite?

Are you in need of any Stampin’ Up! supplies? Please use this Host Code for January AMUAAAKN

Here is my Youtube video.

Guess where I’m sitting

Today I’m writing to you from my brand new craft room. I can’t stop smiling. My U shaped desk is huge!!!! and I love it. All of my stuff is not in it yet, and there are tons of things – mostly those that I rarely, if ever, use – but I have my most used stuff and because I had my rolling 5 drawers and carts organized, I’m just about up and running. My husband is going to add some of my tools to my wall and bam (!) I’ll have everything I need to begin. 2021 is looking great so far!

We rent our current home. I’m not willing to agree that we will be living in Michigan for many more year just yet. I’d love to move back to Phoenix by the next 3 years. So we rent. And rent in Michigan is outrageous – Probably double the mortgage. So, we live in a smaller home that had an unfinished basement. My son was upstairs in the 3rd bedroom, but my husband recently made a bedroom for my son in the basement and that is when I decided not to take his bedroom as my craft room, moving it from the “great room” area, but instead having a LARGEr craft room in the basement.

I really was hoping that my husband would have been able to get my craft room done while I was away in November and December in Phoenix helping my friend recover from hip surgery and also getting a procedure done myself. But he worked the entire 25 days straight himself and so my craft room went unfinished. But he had some time off recently and was able to get it done with some major compromises on both of our parts.

My husband is a perfectionist when it comes to what he does. I just want things done NOW. So instead of him putting up drywall, mudding and sanding it then painting it – which would have taken well over 2 weeks, We put up paneling. Yes Paneling – and not the $10/sq foot paneling either – remember this is a rental home. Nope, we spent just $22.00 a panel. He did however put it horizonal instead of vertical, so it actually looks great. Also, I knew that I was going to be putting up a ton of wall storage on one wall. So he finished the paneling, then added another piece of paneling which was backed with 3/4″ plywood so that I could drill into it as much as I wanted and the panel beneath would get so many drill holes in it. He also did the same for where I wanted my peg board. That way, when we leave, all we have to do is take out the wall of storage and the pegboard and we won’t have to add anything to complete the basement so it looks finished. He has great ideas.

There are some major drawbacks. I didn’t want to finish the ceiling yet, and we have not decided about the flooring, so I’m working on a concrete floor, But it works. I have tons of lighting and my husband put heat down here so its warm enough and it will be great in the summer. It might not be my dream-dream-dream craftroom, but it is large, bright and MINE and it got done for a small amount of money. I’d say under $1,000.00 and that includes the heating and all of the electrical. No, you can’t beat it!!!!

WOW! 15% off DSP

Stampin’ Up! is having their annual DSP sale. These designer series papers are currently on sale though the end of October. Now is the time to stock up and save a bundle. Our paper is a great price normally, now with 15% off its even better.

Here is a list of the DSP on sale:


153489                  TIS THE SEASON 6″ X 6″ DESIGNER SERIES PAPER




153527                  PLAID TIDINGS 6″ X 6″ DESIGNER SERIES PAPER



152460                  WHALE OF A TIME 6″ X 6″ DESIGNER SERIES PAPER







What I would get at Stamp-n-Storage

I went through the Stamp-n-storage web site and wrote down what I would get – conservatively – for my new craft room. I figured that I might as well get the Ikea inserts so I could have a wall of color. I went on Ikea’s website and currently for the largest Kallax unit, the 5 cube by 5 cube, or just about 6 feet tall unit costs $180.00

From the Stamp-n-storage website I would choose the 5 1/2 x 11 paper holders with the 3 side 12 x 12 paper storage. I don’t have many 12 x 12 one color cardstocks because I don’t scrapbook, but I always buy 1 family color of the 12 x 12, just in case I want to use it to make a box or envelope or something. I would need 4 of those. They are currently each $43.75. So my total would be $187.00. I was a little bit shocked. I thought, well maybe I could have this wall of color that I wanted.

I would also need a 12 x 12 paper holder for my DSP. That would cost me $94.75. If I had a spot for 12 x 12 DSP, I might as well have a spot for 6 x 6 DSP, wouldn’t you agree? So there is another $76.75. So $171.50 for DPS, and by budget expands.

I have a few Distressed inks, and a holder for the Distressed inks and blending tools costs $68.75. I also have some Distressed ink spots, so I need a place for them, add on another $14.75, but that does not include the drawers the ink spot holder sits in. So I need an Alex drawer system and that will cost me $80.00. Man is this getting expensive.

Next there are the punch holders. If I just had a spot for my current punches, and placed my retired punches elsewhere, I would need at least 2 holders as there are only 24 spots for the punches. Yes the smaller punches can sit in 1 spot but still I’ll need 2 punch holders. They cost $55.75 for a total of $111.50.

Have you seen Stamp-n-Storage’s ribbon holder. That would help make the wall of color very pretty. Tack on another $52.75 for the ribbon holder and we have a total of just about $1,000.00.

In all honesty that is not a lot of storage for $1,000.00, or at least I don’t think so. I might start with the 8 1/2 x 11 storage and the ribbon storage and then add as I go. I wonder what the shipping is like . . . eeek!

Going Down the Rabbit Hole of YouTube

I sat down to write this post at 6:30. I started out just checking a crafting video I wanted to see on YouTube, then starting clicking around and now its 8:50. Has this ever happen to you? I just lost all of the time I had to write this post to other videos. . . I will share with you my latest cards – in about 3 hours – who needs sleep anyways!