Craft Space and Organization Ideas

I am looking at redoing my craft room; moving it from the main floor to my UNFINISHED basement. Its a tall order and I am not going to be able to create my dream craft room. But I wanted to make sure my young granddaughters have a room as we are able to spend every Wednesday night, and even Thursday night sometimes. So, I’m heading to the basement. I will be doing a lot of work on a budget, ideas, layouts, etc, and I thought I might share them here with you.

Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

I think we’ve all seen the dream craftroom. With wall to wall white cabinets and sleek countertops where everything is clean and uncluttered. Simple, modern, beautiful. But is that really a great craft room design for me? I went on Ikea’s kitchen room designer and found that a simple 12 x12 room of wall and base cabinets in sleek white could cost me around $9,000.00 and that is just the cabinets, not the counter tops or organizational items.

That is way too much for me to budget, think of all of the supplies you could buy with that money. All of your tools and items are hidden, behind closed doors. Yes thats a lot of storage area, but what would you put in those upper cabinets. I’m a short 5’2″. I like to be able to see my supplies so I can remember to use them. Also, I like to have everything I want to use for a project at arms reach. Putting everything behind a door does not work for my creative style.

Floor to Ceiling Stamp n Storage

Stamp n Storage was made for us papercrafters. They have beautifully designed storage for every tool we use including paper, both 12×12 and 8.5×11, stamp pads, full size as well as ink spots, both alcohol markers and die markers, dies, stamp cases, punches, both lock style and old whale style, ribbon and reinkers. I have an older style marker and full size stamp pad holder and it is well made and looks great. The storage solutions also work in Ikea’s Kallax units which are a great price. I will draw up a sample plan for a 12×12 room and give you the details once I finish